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Book of Banff

The Book of Banff, (2008)

Published by Banff Preservation and Heritage Society, is about 80,000 words and over 200 pictures presenting a social history of the community which covers well-nigh a millennium. It is not the first book to feature this Royal and Ancient Burgh. Dr W Cramond's "Annals of Banff'' 2 Vols. (1891-93), James lmlach's "History of Banff and Familiar Account of its Inhabitants and Belongings" (1898), Dr A E Mahood's "Banff and District" (1919) and Prof. H Hamilton's (Ed.) volume on Banffshire in "The Third Statistical Account of Scotland" (1961) are but four of the main sources from which the editors and writers of this book have drawn.

There is a lot in the book which will titillate the interest of many readers - and for non­ readers there is such a wealth of intriguing and historic pictures that they may even buy a coffee table to put it on. The book is not a history book in the ordinary sense. It has tried to be historically as accurate as possible but also to present history in as personalised a way as possible. It is the history of a community and its people. There will be personal reminiscences which are openly nostalgic. But there are also references to the more substantial visitors to our town - King Robert the Bruce, King Haakon VII of Norway, Robert Bums, Dr Johnson and Boswell, Lord Byron, the Duke of Cumberland etc. etc. But how many of you know about James Edward Kyber or Susannah Emmet or Captain George Duff? And how many of you know about "riding the slang" or that fines for fornication were part source of the cash to build a new harbour?

Price £19.99 + £4.50 P&P.
A4 Hardback 160 pages.

The Carved Stones of the Royal Burgh of Banff, (2015)

Published by Banff Preservation and Heritage Society and created by Charles J Burnett, a Scottish antiquarian and former officer of arms, and Henry J Mantell, architect. This book is the result of walking round Banff with eyes open, and often cast skywards, as so many inscribed stones are placed at a high level. Inside is a detailed catalogue of the many carved stones found around Banff, some built in to garden walls, others located at the top of gables or even inscribed on the underside of overhanging lintels. Filled with photographs along with descriptions (if known) and locations in the town, it tells a story of the history of Banffs built architecture and explains the relevance of every stone which is currently known.

Price £14.99 + £4.50 P&P.
A4 Paperback 62 pages

Banff Through Time, (2012)

Published by Amberley Publishing, shows the many changes that have taken place in the built architecture of Banff since the 18th century. This diverse history and Banff Preservation and Heritage Society's battles against thoughtless demolitions in the 1960s are presented in this unique volume utilising a rich collection of photos both old and new to illustrate the changes to the town over many years.

Price £14.99 + £3.50 P&P.
A5+ Paperback 96 pages

Royal and Ancient Banff, 4th Edn. (1998)

Published by Banff Preservation and Heritage Society, is a pocket-sized guide best appreciated as one walks with it around the town. The purpose of this booklet is to describe the wealth of 18th century architecture which makes the ancient town of Banff unique in the north of Scotland.

Price £1.00 + £2.00 P&P. A5 Booklet 28 pages

The Voyage of the Witness, (2023),

Published by Banff Preservation and Heritage Society and created by Mhairi McKean, our Secretary, is the story of a ship built in Monkwearmouth for the Banff - London shipping trade. In 1852 the "Witness" set sail from Banff for Australia to deliver a cargo of goods and five passengers to Port Philip (Melbourne). This book tells the story, mostly in their own words, of their 160-day sea journey involving a rescue, survival of storms and a lack of fresh water and encounters with the crews and passengers of passing ships. It is a remarkable story of the fortitude and bravery of these adventurous individuals, early pioneers.

Price £5.00 + £3.00 P&P. A5 Booklet 60 pages

St Mary’s Kirkyard Banff, (2007)

Published by Banff Preservation and Heritage Society, is a transcript of the original record of tombstone inscriptions, drawn up before 1891 by William Cramond and published in his two-volumed history, entitled The Annals of Banff. The original books are quite rare so it is with great pleasure that we have been able to make this valuable family history information available to all.

Price £4.00 + £3.00 P&P. A5 Booklet 68 pages

St Mary’s Kirkyard Banff Volume 2, (2014)

Published by Banff Preservation and Heritage Society, is designed to supplement ‘St Mary’s Kirkyard Banff’. This book provides two immediately useful tools, a map of the kirkyard with Cramond’s numbers identifying the stones, and an index of every name on the stones. Additional observations that describe each stone and show additions to the original inscriptions as well as some stones not previously catalogued make this an invaluable guide for family history research.

Price £9.00 + £3.00 P&P. A5 Booklet 120 pages
Buy both copies of St Marys Kirkyard Vol 1 & 2 for just £11 + £4.50 P+P.

Secret Heroes A Manse at War, (2021)

written by Dr David Findlay Clark, shows a personal experience of his family’s involvement in the second World War. The family home in Banff became both a meeting place and refuge for many servicemen and dignitaries during the war…many stories only just now allowed to be told!

Price £12.00 + £3.50 P&P. A5+ Paperback 162 pages.